What Is an Affinity Agreement

The business and the non-profit organization must also provide a service that meets the needs of the members of the non-profit organization. For example, Independent Sector is a coalition of nonprofits, foundations, and corporate giving programs, so it has an affinity program with Jitasa, a national accounting and accounting service provider specializing in nonprofit financial services. An affinity program also proves that the company takes responsibility for itself entrepreneurially: it reveals its corporate values through its partnerships. When a not-for-profit organization explains its affinity program(s) on its website and refers to the company`s exclusive offers or services page, it offers a benefit to its members and guarantees the integrity of that business. In summary, the AAA and AARP cardholder agreements contain surprisingly similar financial terms, but differ as to whether a BMA clause is included. AAA contains a BMA clause, whereas AARP has chosen not to do so, but everyone has methods of executing the agreement that do not inform the member of the conditions to which it is bound by the execution of the agreement.10 In a more perfect world, acceptance of the agreement should be a real acceptance of the terms. In both cases, however, acceptance is an act that has nothing to do with the actual terms of the contract. In addition, the financial terms of the AARP card have the same industry standard structure, including a low adoption rate followed by a mystical variable rate that can change and increase at any time for any reason. These facts lead to the conclusion that the leverage controlled by the AARP was used to obtain slightly more favourable terms that an average credit card company would apply, mainly with regard to the absence of a BMA clause in the case of AARP credit cards. The National Council of Nonprofits promotes firespring and Coeus Global brand awareness by displaying their logos and links on an affinity partner page on its website and promoting these services to its members. Creating a successful affinity program is great, but you want to make sure you keep this program alive for years to come.

Make sure you stay in touch with your partner at all costs. Miscommunication can be fatal even for the best affinity program. You also want to reach out to members and ask them questions about the impact of your affinity programs. You want to know if members still enjoy your programs or if they have lost their appeal. Trap 1: You offer your members a disposable market. Hoping to create a new revenue line, you quickly embark on an affinity partnership with a supplier without asking yourself the question: Does this partnership fit well with our members? If you enter into the agreement with this affinity partner, you may have agreed to promote the company on your website, at webinars, and at the annual conference, at the risk of alienating your members. To avoid this, work with your affinity partner to build a mutually beneficial partnership. Ask yourself if you are doing fair trade. David Frankil, president and CEO of the New Jersey Credit Union League, writes in a LinkedIn article: “Suppliers want affinity relationships to drive revenue and ROI, especially new net revenue from prospects who are not currently customers.” Give your partners contact with your members through opportunities to present in webinars or targeted advertising for a specific group of members. We`ve talked about the benefits of an affinity program, but one question still needs to be answered: What is an affinity program? According to the Association of Chamber of Commerce Executives (ACCE), an affinity program is a type of business partnership. A company offers a special rate or type of service to members of an association. In return, both organizations will see an increase in sales.

It`s important to know what kind of revenue source affinity programs bring. Instead of a short increase in revenue, these programs will create a steady stream of income. This income, if the program is maintained, is expected to increase gradually over time. This creates a reliable source of non-contributory income for clubs. For example, the Association of Nutrition & Foodservice Professionals (ANFP) has a variety of affinity programs. It offers offers in sectors such as travel, insurance, hotels and accommodations, and even holiday packages. Many ANFP members work in nursing homes, hospitals, retirement communities or other facilities such as daycares or military bases. Your jobs may require travel or ANFP members may make travel and personal time a priority in their lives. If this is the case, the ANFP`s affinity programs meet these needs. According to Hubspot, 86% of consumers look forward to promotional emails from companies they already have a relationship with at least once a month.

In fact, 15% of respondents wanted promotional emails on a daily basis. Design an email that grabs your member`s attention right from the start. Use a subject line that attracts attention and requires urgency. Next, make sure that your emails contain all the important information about your new program. Be sure to create an email calendar for these updates to track member engagement. You can also keep your affinity program offerings on your website, for example at the . B from the Connecticut State Dental Association (CSDA). Listing your affinity programs on your website is a great upsell for your association. In addition, it takes into account interested members and target groups on your association`s website for maximum engagement. Through an affinity program, businesses and nonprofits benefit from low-cost advertising.

A business is usually linked to a non-profit partner organization on its website. Affinity marketing is different from co-branding. The benefits of co-branding partnerships stem from the consequences of associating multiple companies, while the benefits of affinity marketing come from the mental satisfaction of having benefited from the Affinity Group. [3] If your nonprofit is looking for a reliable revenue stream that can also increase brand awareness and engagement, an affinity program may be an attractive option. One of NAHC`s partners is Enterprise Fleet Management. Through the Partner Affinity Program, NAHC members receive special fleet incentives and rental car discounts. Members can get special discounts via Enterprise Rent-a-Car, National or Alamo. While generating revenue is an advantage of an affinity program, it`s not the only one. Affinity programs add value to your members. By offering members a new set of discounts and business services they enjoy, it adds a new element to your association. Which member does not want to receive exclusive offers? Now that we know the benefits of a successful partnership with another company, where do we start? Which companies should your association work with? How do you become a superstar of the Affinity program? First of all, you need to find a company that works for your association.

The AARP contract is more direct and understandable than AAA when it describes how the terms of the contract can be changed, as the terms and conditions simply state: “The services may be modified by the company at any time for any reason.” This type of one-sided term is usually found in credit card agreements, and those provided by the AARP are no exception. However, the Cardholder Agreement does not contain a binding binding arbitration clause that prevents members from having access to a court in the event of a dispute. In this type of relationship, the card issuer has more power contractually as it reserves the right to change the terms but must submit to the US courts in the event of a contractual dispute. Therefore, unlike most credit cards, consumers have the opportunity to access the procedural safeguards present in the U.S. court system. In the context of e-commerce, affinity marketing is about sharing recommendations by promoting icons and links associated with other websites that meet customer needs. The goal of using affinity marketing programs on the Internet is to increase sales, improve website visibility, and drive traffic. Search engines are involved in affinity marketing by selling links when users type in keywords. .