Phd Hosting Agreement

No. Your employer must inform EURAXESS of your termination/termination and, therefore, your contract has revoked its status in the accommodation contract system. EURAXESS would be able to advise any competent authority such as ISD/DETE on the status of your hosting contract. The hosting agreement will be used by the researcher, where applicable, for visa applications, entry into the state and immigration registration. Those from visa-required countries can apply for a multiple-entry visa once they have registered in Ireland. Within three months of arriving in Ireland, researchers who are not EEA members must register with their local immigration officer. An immigration registration certificate (GNIB registration card) is issued by the Garda National Immigration Office to a non-EEA citizen who registers. A fee of €300 will be charged for each immigration certificate (residence permit) issued. Persons with contracts of 18 months or less will receive a GNIB card for the entire duration of the accommodation contract, which can normally be renewed after 12 months, subject to immigration regulations. It is the employee`s responsibility to keep their permission to stay up to date, and all associated costs must be borne by them. Once all the documentation is received, the accommodation contract and employment contract are submitted to the employee to help obtain a visa (if the researcher is from a country that needs it).

Once you have signed the agreement, you can begin the process of applying for your “scientific” visa. UCC is an accredited research organisation and, as such, may conclude hosting agreements with third-country nationals (non-EEA citizens) for research purposes at the university. Principal investigators who intend to employ a researcher from a third country must continue to complete a nomination form. The nomination form must clearly indicate that the employee requires a hospitality agreement and email the contact information for the employee and the principal investigator. > Please note that only higher education institutions and certain accredited bodies are entitled to make “hospitality” arrangements. Researchers who do not register with the GNIB risk jeopardizing the withdrawal of their hosting contract, risking delays in their residency applications and, ultimately, risking deportation. 2. It is typical for many non-EU/EEA PhD students to support Irish research projects without an employment contract, as most universities do not employ PhD students but hire them on scholarship contracts, which disqualifies them from access to the hosting agreement. This is an affordable way to hire junior researchers for research without considering the impact on their immigration status in Ireland and their dependents. (Only those who receive employment contracts can apply for the accommodation contract) The residence permit is requested from the Finnish immigration service MIGRI. You will need a hosting agreement from the University of Helsinki as part of your application for a residence permit. If you need a hosting agreement, please contact the doctoral office of your home faculty.

The contact details of the Faculty`s Doctoral Service can be found in the article Doctoral Training Services. References, The accommodation contract is the only supporting document that you must present to the consulate or prefecture in order to apply for the status of “scientific” during your stay in France. Your invited laboratory will send you an “accommodation” agreement: 6. It is right that the contributions of all non-EU/EEA PhD students to research in Ireland should also be recognised, evaluated and credited regardless of their contractual terms. PhD students who have received a hosting agreement and those who do not receive a hosting contract are equally qualified and share the same responsibilities for research and development in Ireland. The different treatment of these two groups because of the terms of their treaties creates inequalities and is unfair. If your previous residence permit expires soon, apply for the extension in due course. The processing of the application may take several months. Also check with MIGRI if a new hosting agreement is required. The hosting agreement replaces the need for a work permit for the next category of personnel; Researchers Scientific staff involved in research All new and expanded agreements must be issued and submitted to the IUA at least two weeks before the start of the contract OR the renewal date of an existing contract.

5. The lack of access to the hosting agreement for many Doctoral students means that their spouses, despite their qualifications and experience, do not have direct access to employment in Ireland. On the other hand, those who have concluded hosting agreements have access to employment with their partners without restrictions. This makes the families of PhD students vulnerable without hosting agreements and therefore means more stress for the researcher. The different treatment of these researchers leads to inequalities between them. Upon receipt of the hospitality agreement forms, the Department of Human Resources; All researchers arriving with hosting agreements must have their original hosting agreement issued before coming to Ireland, whether they need a visa or not. For more information, contact the human resources department of your host institution. In order to benefit from a hosting agreement, the proposed staff member must have an accredited research organisation which can only sign a hosting agreement with a researcher if the following conditions are met: 4. The lack of access to the hosting agreement for most non-EU/EEA doctoral students means that their stay in Ireland is uncountable and creates potential bureaucracy for access to employment in the future. Those who have a hosting agreement can apply for a stamp 4 visa after 21 months, and their time is creditable, while those who do not have visa status have stamp 2 visa status throughout their doctoral studies.

Yes, spouses of a researcher who enter into a hosting agreement receive an immigration stamp (1G) and are allowed to work without the need for a work permit. The hosting agreement allows for the award of research grants: Please note: In accordance with the decree of 23 January 2020 amending the decree of 27 August 2019 on the authorisation procedure for organisations issuing hosting agreements to researchers and research professors, a new version of the hosting agreement has been published and has replaced the old version. . . .