Pa Collective Agreement Core Hours

8.2 With respect to its purpose and importance, the Board may authorize the Association to hold formal meetings on the board premises outside of normal working hours. Acting money is paid to you based on the number of hours you work per day. For example, if you work 8.33 hours a day for 5 days, the payment is 8.33 hours a day x 5 days, or 41.65 hours. 48.4 By mutual agreement, the parties may appoint a mediator to resolve a complaint of discrimination. The choice of mediator is made by mutual agreement. 42.3 In the event of any disagreement regarding the application of this clause, the parties will consult with each other to resolve any dispute. 5.1 The Parties to this Agreement recognize the mutual benefit resulting from joint consultations and are willing to engage in discussions on matters of common interest; These discussions will be without prejudice to the position that the Council or the Association wishes to adopt in the future with regard to the advisability of regulating matters through the provisions of collective agreements. 2.3 The English and French texts of this Agreement are official. 36.3 Subject to subsection 36.1, the Board shall determine the working time of all employees in order to meet operational requirements. Not all collective agreements and terms and conditions of employment provide for a variable work week. To determine if you are eligible to apply for a variable work week, contact your relevant authorities. The provisions of this Collective Agreement shall be implemented by the parties within one hundred and twenty (120) days from the date of signature.

Notwithstanding paragraph 31.9.1 above, an employee who was a member of the collective bargaining unit at the time the collective agreement was signed shall, for the purposes of the “period of service” and to determine his or her entitlement to leave, retain previous periods of service that had previously been counted as uninterrupted employment until the date on which his or her employment relationship ends. 39.12 If, before the start of the employee`s lunch break or before the middle of the employee`s workday, whichever comes first, an employee is instructed to work overtime on that day and to report at a time that is not adjacent to the employee`s working time, the employee is paid for the actual working time. or at least two (2) hours of pay at a time equal, whichever is greater. 39.23 An employee who continuously works overtime of four (4) hours or more beyond the period specified in point 39.22 will receive an additional meal of ten dollars and fifty cents (US$10.50), unless free meals are offered. 39.11 Except for employees to whom the provisions of section 39.14 apply, and subject to section 39.3, a worker who is required by the Council to work overtime on a normally scheduled work day shall receive overtime pay at a time and a half (1 1/2) for each of the first seven decimal places five (7.5) overtime hours worked beyond his or her normal work day, and double (2) time for each additional hour he worked during a contiguous period thereafter. 39.22 An employee who works three (3) or more hours of overtime immediately before or immediately after his or her normal working hours will be reimbursed for a meal of ten dollars and fifty cents ($10.50), unless free meals are offered. The purpose of this memorandum is to implement the agreement between the employer and the Research Council Employees` Association on the period of implementation of the collective agreement. The National Research Council of Canada (NRC) and the Research Council Employees Association (SEA) agree that agreements will be reached between the Treasury Board and the Professional Institute of the Public Service of Canada (CPSP) and the Treasury Board and the Public Service Alliance of Canada (PSAC) for a CETA Administrative Services Group (EAAP) Employee Wellness and Support Program (ISP); negotiate the inclusion of an EESP agreement in the collective agreement.

If there are differences between the agreements between treasury board and CPSP and the agreement between Treasury Board and PSAC, NRC and RCEA will negotiate the specific agreement (either THE CPSP or the PSAC agreement) that will be made available to members for ratification and inclusion in the collective agreement […].