Is It against the Law to Withhold Someone`s Mail

The process of submitting a mail theft report varies from place to place. So check with the local law enforcement agency where you live to find out exactly how to file a complaint in your area. In addition, if you keep property that you have not paid for, or if you use the information in someone else`s mail to commit a crime, you may be guilty of additional crimes under Nevada law and federal law. Call your local police station or sheriff`s office, or go to their office in person during normal business hours and report your missing mail. Do not report your missing mail via the 911 emergency number. To arrange your free consultation, fill out the form on this page or give us a call. One of our defense attorneys in Las Vegas or Reno will contact you immediately to discuss the best defense against your Nevada theft or mail handling fees. Manipulating someone else`s mail is a crime. Take action and can`t stand it! Mail theft is theft, pure and simple. and if a landlord withholds or disposes of your mail without your permission, they commit a crime.

Many laws and regulations apply to how landlords can treat their tenants` property. When it comes to postal items, U.S. postal inspectors are responsible for ensuring that mail is properly delivered to the intended recipient and that this mail remains intact. Federal laws protect tenants and others from mail theft of all kinds, including situations where a landlord may improperly dispose of mail without the tenant`s consent. To learn more about email-related crimes in California, please visit our California Mail Theft page. As someone receiving mail, you have the right to file a complaint with the U.S. Postal Service regarding the stolen mail. If you believe your mail has been stolen, you must immediately report the theft to your nearest postmaster or postal inspector. Swiss Post will ask you to submit a formal claim form called Form PS 2016. After submitting the form, the postal service will review your complaint and investigate the situation to determine if your problem is isolated or if others may have been involved. Mail theft and mail manipulation are serious federal crimes that result in hefty fines and jail time. Our knowledgeable attorneys defend clients in Nevada and federal courts for mail handling, identity theft, possession of stolen property, and related charges.

There are laws at the state level that relate to mail theft. And anyone who commits mail theft, as defined in federal law, is also guilty of a public offense. The penalty for such an offense in the state of California may include, for example, a fine, imprisonment for up to one year, or both. 18 U.S. Code 1708 also criminalizes stealing or manipulating someone else`s mail or receiving someone else`s mail through fraud or deception. It applies to both delivered mail and mail awaiting collection. The U.S. government considers the post office a serious matter. Everyone has the right to receive mail addressed to them, and your roommate does not have the right to hold your mail for any reason.

Under 18 USC 1708, it is a crime to destroy, steal, or even possess mail belonging to someone else. If you do not return the mail you received in error, you could be charged with the federal crime of mail theft. Mail theft can be punished by: Mail theft occurs quite frequently during the holidays, when many packages are sent and received. But mail theft happens year-round in Nevada. Thieves often steal mail in hopes of finding valuables such as checks, credit cards, prescriptions, gift cards, and personal identification documents. That`s quite huge, and it`s just a part of this code of law that forbids your roommate from hiding mail from you! Signing up for the informed delivery notification is free and can help you determine if your roommate is really holding back or stealing your mail. Ask the person to drop your mail in the mailbox as soon as they arrive. This way, they won`t forget where they drop off your letters, and you won`t have to interact with them every time you go there to pick them up. I know the word “withhold” is not in the text, but keeping mail away from the intended recipient is covered by the words “secret” and “diverted.” Protect yourself from a landlord who holds or steals your mail by providing you with a post office box for all deliveries. Report your suspected theft first to the police and then to the U.S. Postal Service.

The best way to protect yourself from mail theft is to get a locked mailbox large enough to hold packages. .