How to Upload Documents for Police Clearance Certificate

In this guide, you will learn where and how to properly obtain a police certificate and what to submit in its place if it is not available. Boundless also has detailed advice on obtaining court, police, and prison records that are different from a police certificate, as they are only required if a family member applying for a green card has a record of a law enforcement issue. There are usually 7 steps in the online Police Leadership Certificate procedure that you can follow by visiting the official website via the link provided to apply for the Police Certificate (CCP). Any police certificate must be less than two years old. If, at the time of your interview with your green card, all of the following conditions are met, you will need to obtain a new police certificate: You just need to visit the website: Passport Seva Online Portal on the homepage. If you already live in India, you need to select the police district from the drop-down menu. Blog Source: For all other documents or other information for passport visit: An applicant who has an Indian passport and valid proof of address is entitled to receive a police certificate. Make sure that the applicant`s current address must match that of the passport and other supporting documents. Odisha Birth Certificate| Online and offline birth certificate procedures| Only a family member applying for a green card from abroad must submit a photocopy of their police certificate to the National Visa Centre (NVC) and bring the original or certified copy to their green card interview. (Family members applying for a U.S.

green card must instead present police records, not a police certificate.) 2) Fill out the downloaded electronic form and click on the Validate and Save button. This generates an XML file that is later required for download to the system. You can download the electronic form from the specified option. All you have to do is simply fill out the downloaded electronic form and click on the “Confirm and Save” button. This will generate an XML file that should be uploaded during the online application process mentioned above. Marriage Registration in Uttar Pradesh – Documents, Procedures and Benefits Required A Police Certificate (CCP) is a legal document issued to Indian passport holders in case they have applied for long-term residence, employment or visa or immigration status. However, it cannot be issued to people traveling abroad on a tourist visa. It is essentially a certificate from the police service to confirm that the applicant does not have a criminal record. Gone are the days when you had to walk from office to office to get your police certificate for various purposes such as a job, passport, visa, etc.

Now, the police department has given residents and visitors an online police certificate. You can easily submit an application and submit it with the required documents. You must also provide a police certificate from anywhere in the world (except the United States) where you have been arrested for any reason, at any age and regardless of the length of your stay there. 1) Download the electronic form via the “Download electronic form” link available on the home page for pcc (police certificate). You can now visit the Passport Seva Kendra (PSK) / Regional Passport Office (RPO) where the appointment was made with the original documents. If you are at least 16 years old, you must present a police certificate from each of the following countries (except the United States), whether you have already been arrested there or not: Gujarat Marriage Certificate: Aptitude, Required Documents, Procedure and Fees 6) View the documents for pcc (police certificate) at Then click on the “Certificate of Good Police Conduct” link to apply” for the application form. To apply for the police certificate in India, first register on the Indian passport website and complete the online application. Then, pay the registration fee and make an appointment to bring the required documents to your regional passport office. On the day of your appointment, be sure to bring a photocopy of your passport and proof of employment or residency. If there are no problems with your application, you should receive your certificate on the same day as your appointment. To find out how to apply for a police certificate if you live in India, scroll down! A police certificate is a document that details all of a person`s arrests – as well as the reasons for and the results of those arrests – while that person was living in a particular area. If you are applying for a foreign family or marriage green card, you will need to present a police certificate issued by a police service and coming from countries where you have lived in the past, even if you do not have a criminal record in one of these countries.

5) Download the XML file (generated in step 2) via the “Download electronic form” link. Do not download the PDF form at this time, as only the XML file is accepted by the system. Unless a particular country`s guidelines for “police, court, prison records” explicitly state that these records are “not available,” you must file a notarized personal affidavit (written statement) detailing why you were unable to obtain a police clearance certificate. For each country, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs indicates the name of the issuing authority, the fees in force and the procedures for obtaining a certificate. You can also follow our blog for more details such as birth certificate, marriage certificate or more. . 1) Register via the Passport Seva online portal. (Click the “Register” link in the Apply section.) Then click on “Pay and make an appointment” in the “View registered/submitted applications” option to make the payment and make an appointment.

Thus, the fee for the application form is Rs. 500 / -. Payment can be made with a credit or debit card or with the Internet bank account. Online payment can be made using one of the following methods:. . . You can check the status of your passport application by going to the official Passport Seva website and clicking on the “Track Application Status” option on the homepage. Then enter the applicant`s file number and date of birth and click the Follow button. At the end, the status of the passport application is displayed. 5) Click on the “Pay and make an appointment” link on the “View registered/submitted applications” screen to make an appointment. . Note: Online payment is required to make an appointment at all Passport Seva Kendras /Passport offices.

A police certificate or CCP is a required document that you need to emigrate or work in India. A CCP is a review of your criminal record and is something that an employer or visa office requires of you. If you need a CCP, it is important that you start the process early, because in some cases it can take more than a week. If you follow the right procedures and have the right information, you can get a police certificate in India. If you have a criminal history, you may still be eligible for a green card, but it`s important to understand the rules for applicants with a criminal record. 3) Click on the “Request a police certificate” link. You must fill in all the required details and click on the “Send” button. .

Now click on the “Print Application Confirmation” option to print the application form. In the application receipt you will find the application reference number (ARN) / appointment number. An SMS with the details of your appointment will also be accepted as proof of appointment during your visit to the passport office. More information about PAN card registration, TAN registration, DSC registration, you can visit our website: Legal Raasta. Our experts will advise you in the best possible way. Hurry up!! Call us at 8750008585 and send your request by e-mail: (b) Internet banking (State Bank of India (SBI) and Associated Banks only). Private Limited Registration Limited Liability Partnership (LLP) / MSME registration of a person 7) Click on the “Print Application Receipt” link to print the application document with the application reference number (ARN) / appointment number.

. You must now log in to the Passport Seva online portal with the login ID you created. 4) Fill in the required details in the form and submit it. .