Bt Business Service Level Agreement

BT Cloud Phone and Cloud Work Terms of Use: The End User License Terms (“EULA”) have been added to the Terms and Conditions as an annex to the BT Cloud Phone and Cloud working hours and apply to all new and existing customers of these services. To use bt Cloud Phone Service or Cloud Work Service, customers must comply with the EULA. The EULA is a binding agreement between RingCentral UK Limited (or its designated partner) and you. The RingCentral EULA for BT Cloud Phone and Cloud Work is available here. These plans allow customers to consolidate their spending on specific services, including calls and line services. In exceptional cases, it may be necessary to carry out emergency technical work without notice. In this case, Swift Internet will do its best to limit the resulting negative effects on customer service. Microsoft Office 365 Small Business Fee Plan offered by BT PDF 144 KB – Applies to customers whose BT email service was updated and moved to a Microsoft platform between October 10, 2011 and mid-2013 Service Credits will not be granted if Customer owes Swift Internet an amount under this Agreement or otherwise and that amount is overdue. To receive the benefits, the customer may be required to commit to a minimum level of expenses and service life. Details for each calling and line plan, including: Platform metrics do not include customer service or any off-grid service or service outside of our network. Swift Internet service levels operate outside of these basic support hours, 24 hours a day, ×7, to handle major Severity 1 and Severity 2 errors. A claim must be made in each month in which there are one or more cases where the agreed objective of restoring service has not been achieved.

Since service credits are claimed per incident, the above measures relate only to network planning and account verification. Please note that BT Mobile and EE Mobile are provided under separate conditions. If you have purchased a BT service in accordance with BT`s mobile timetable in the general terms and conditions or a BT service in accordance with EE`s mobile timetable in accordance with the general terms and conditions, the relevant conditions may be set out below. Swift Internet first determines the severity of the incident. Swift Internet can change the severity level during repairs. For example, if a Severity 1 incident is temporarily resolved, the incident can be reduced to Severity 2. The new classification determines the procedure for this purpose. The customer compensation system can be found in Part C of the Appendix, which sets out the service levels that apply to the various calling and line services. You can also consult the new or amended terms and conditions for regulated products and services that have been communicated to Ofcom. Network maintenance is typically performed outside of service level availability.

If maintenance affects the service, affected customers will be notified with three business days` notice via the designated email contact, which lists the work to be done and the impact on the service. The terms of the bundle below apply if you have ordered a bundled service that includes any of the following: BT Business Broadband, BT Business Call Essentials, BT Cloud Voice Express and BT Business Services (PSTN). If an error is triggered outside of the service level availability set by Swift Internet, the measurement of service response and recovery time does not begin until the beginning of the next work period. The service recovery clock is stopped if access to the Web site cannot be provided at the required time or if diagnostics or on-site work cannot be performed by the end user at the required time. Swift Internet Full Service Levels and Phone Helpdesk operates between 9am and 5.30pm, Monday to Friday, except on public holidays, unless otherwise stated below. On this page you will find links to the terms and conditions of some of our commercial products and services. To make them easier to find, we`ve grouped them under headings such as lines, broadband, and mobile. The main method for reporting emergencies and major disruptions to Swift Internet should be by phone. Incidents reported by email, fax, or through the web portal cannot be assigned to a support engineer within a reasonable period of time to provide the desired level of response. For error reporting instructions, see section 9 of this service plan. “Response time” is a target commitment to respond to the reported error by running diagnostics or allocating resources. This does not guarantee that it is only clear that the reported error will be corrected.

These services are: PSTN, ISDN, Featureline, Featureline Compact, Featureline Corporate and Embark. This schedule describes the Service Level Agreement (SLA) for the following products and services: The list of your service on this website or your other contractual documents will indicate otherwise; or we provide you with another set of standard conditions. The deadline for asserting a claim is 5 working days after the end of the month for which the benefit credit is requested. Within 1 business day of the service restoration goal: 25% of the prorated monthly fee associated with the failed access or hardware service. Tickets may be left open for monitoring purposes after service is restored. Therefore, the clock stops when the ticket is closed or when a member of the SwiftInternet Technical Support Center informs the customer of the recovery of the service, whichever comes first. You may be able to include your Calls & Lines services in a Calls & Lines plan – for more information, see the Calling & Lines Plans entry. .