Amendment to Credit Agreement

Most of the waivers to the financial agreements were accompanied by temporary suspensions of certain limited payments based on EBITDA and quotas, baskets of debt and privileges, and/or a reduction in fixed baskets during the waiver period of budgetary commitments. If only consent to the revolving facility is obtained and the revolving lenders are not the required lenders authorized to amend the entire loan agreement, breach of these restrictions will terminate the waiver period for the financial arrangements instead of resulting in default. In certain amendments, instead of or in addition to granting a waiver of a financial covenant for a specified period of time, lenders agree to reset the Financial Covenant by increasing the levels of the Financial Covenant to reflect the likely decline in EBITDA during financial quarters affected by COVID-19. The borrower then benefits from a relaxed level of financial commitment for a maximum period of one to two years after the end of the period of renunciation of the financial pact. .