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In 2018, the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) again convened an international and multidisciplinary group of professionals to review the relevant published literature on exercise in people with cancer. The 2018 roundtable led to the publication of three articles in 2019. The three articles are an important update to CMHA`s original Cancer Roundtable, which took place in 2010. While the three 2019 articles focus on exercise, which is only one part of complete cancer rehabilitation, the evidence presented in the 2019 CMHA articles has direct implications for physiatrists and other rehabilitation professionals who care for people with cancer. Therefore, the narrative examination presented here has two main objectives. First, we summarize the evidence contained in the three CMHA articles and interpret it into a familiar rehabilitation framework, namely the Dietz model of cancer rehabilitation, to facilitate broad implementation in rehabilitation practice. Second, in the consensus of experts, we compiled recommendations for exercises relevant to specific cancer populations at various points on the cancer care continuum and translated them into text, tables and figures for easier reference. Specifically, the authors of this article are members of the Cancer Rehabilitation Physician Consortium (CRPC), a group of physicians specializing in cancer rehabilitation medicine (CRM). CmHA`s Publications Committee has launched an annual Article of the Year Award for each of CMHA`s journals in 2020 to recognize proven excellence in scientific articles published the previous year.

This article cites research published by CMHA on stress fractures as a percentage of all sports injuries. And that`s exactly how heart health and exercise became the topic of conversation in the city. As children, we are told to drink a glass of milk with dinner to grow strong bones. This article is about Oklahoma City, which ranks last in the 2021 American Fitness Index, and what the Oklahoma City Community Foundation is doing to improve the city`s health. This year, the American. The American College of Sports Medicine Resource Library provides a comprehensive collection of books, infographics, articles, videos, publications and more for CMHA members and the public on sports medicine and exercise science. CMHA is dedicated to empowering members and promoting a better life for all. Use the search function or filters on the left side of the page to find specific resources of interest.

CMHA recently announced the 2020 Article of the Year for each of CMHA`s five highly acclaimed journals. The selection for this award, which is now in its second year at the American College of Sports Medicine, was made by the journal`s editor-in-chief, who received nominations from the journal`s co-editors. Each co-editor was tasked with considering the following criteria when nominating: the impact of the article and/or the importance of the research and/or conceptual design and/or technical innovation. 1. Prioritizing self-care is important for everyone! All too often, the new year brings with it a plethora of unrealistic goals and eventual frustration. Perhaps a good approach for 2022 is to encourage customers to focus on small steps in the main pillars of self-sufficiency. This issue`s Fitness Focus column, “Self-Care for the New Year,” by grace T. DeSimone, B.A., ACSM-CPT, ACSM-GEI, provides your customers with the steps they can take to improve their well-being. An excellent column to cut and distribute.2. Do you have a Haudenosaunee approach in your facility? The Health & Fitness From A to Z column in this issue is exceptionally written by Vincenzo G.

Nocera, Ph.D.; Sharon E. Taverno Ross, Ph.D.; and Rebecca E. Hasson, Ph.D., FACSM, provide important information on differences in physical activity. A revealing column, be sure to read: “Equality versus justice-based approaches to promoting health and fitness in different populations.” 3. Pearls of wisdom to think about! Get inspired and read the Take Ten column in this issue, compiled by Mary E. Sanders, Ph.D., FACSM; there is a pearl to take away for everyone.4. What is the main trend for 2022? You have to read the article to find out. For the 16th consecutive year, Walter R.

Thompson, Ph.D., FACSM, has gathered insights from fitness professionals around the world to predict health and fitness trends for 2022. AcSM`s Global Fitness Trends Survey for 2022 offers some surprises to think about. 5. Interesting similarities and differences with international trends. “Fitness Trends from Around the Globe,” written by Vanessa Kercher, Ph.D., CMHA-EP, M.Ed.; Kyle Kercher, M.S., CMHA-EP; Trevor Bennion, D.H.Sc.; and Paul Levy, MPH, discusses international trends based on surveys conducted in Australia, Brazil, China, Europe, Mexico, Spain and the United States. A great read to find out what`s hot in the world.6. Important reflections on the trends of international experts. Twelve outstanding health and fitness professionals share their thoughts and insights on the 2022 regional fitness trend surveys.

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